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 photo:  patricia pena

photo:  patricia pena

PROGRAM 1:   Feel Good Now!   A Masterclass for Wellbeing + Mental Health. 

This interactive program leads you to a tangible experience of peace, happiness, connection and well-being.  You will learn leading edge tools to hack stress and anxiety and uplift your own state of mental, emotional and physical health. These empowering techniques will benefit you for life!

Mental health has become a critical issue on college campuses and in our fast-paced, modern lives. College counselors are seeing a record number of students dealing with depression and anxiety to more serious psychiatric disorders.  Globally, more than 300 million people suffer from depression, and 260 million suffer from anxiety disorders—and many live with both conditions. The World Health Organization states that such disorders cost the global economy $1 trillion in lost productivity each year.  Mental health issues affect Americans in these ways:  About 1 in 5 people which equals about 43.8 million American adults experience mental illness every year.  We will shift this!

Sharing from 20 years of expertise in mind-body wellness and clinical research in yoga therapy, Goli will teach you the science-based practices to hack stress, anxiety and depression and generate optimal mental, psychological, and physical well-being. These simple but powerful techniques include: mindfulness, yoga, breathing, meditation, and guided progressive relaxation.  

Learning Objectives:

  • Improve mental focus and concentration for greater productivity, performance, and creativity.
  • Manage, uplift, and positively affect your own state of mental and physical health - naturally.
  • Learn relaxation techniques you can practice anytime and hack stress and anxiety before going into "crises mode."
  • Discover how food choices affect and can uplift your state of mental and emotional well-being.
  • Awaken the blissful connection to your mind, body, and spirit. 
  • Become a healthier, more vibrant, effective human and leader in the world. 



Workshop 2:  Yoga for strength, energy, focus + stepping into your purpose.   

“I feel alive after Goli’s wellness program. After suffering with depression for years, I didn’t think this aliveness would be possible before meeting Goli. She totally inspires me. I’ve never had anyone in my life encourage me the way she does. She believes in me and is so positive, and that has helped me believe in myself. I’m forever grateful for this.”  —Allison


There is a revolution in health and wellness happening.  Discover why NFL foot ball players, Beyonce, Olympic athletes, Medical Doctors, pro tennis players, and so many celebrities are discovering a surprising new high performance hack—going vegan.  This comprehensive, science-based program will teach you how adopting a healthy plant-based lifestyle puts you at the forefront of a new global paradigm for health and well-being for you and all life on Earth.

HEALTH:  The latest medical research reveals that adopting a whole foods, plant-based lifestyle helps us gain more energy, uplifts our mental health, helps us live longer and prevents and reverses an array of health issues (which may include acne, cancers, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.)  ENVIRONMENT:  By switching to plant-based foods, we become Super Heroes for the Planet - dramatically reducing climate change, pollution, deforestation, species extinction due to habitat loss, ocean dead zones, and water use.  ANIMALS:  Adopting a plant- based lifestyle protects animals by reducing the more than 56 billion land animals bred and killed for food annually.  And it reduces the 2.7 trillion fish killed annually for food. MINDBODYSPIRIT:  Plant based diets have been shown to boost mental health and increase physical performance.  We become leaders in living with kindness, compassion and harmony with the natural world by thriving without harming other living beings. 

Learning Objectives: 

Learn about the science and benefits of living plant-based in practical ways that are easy and cost-effective.

• The current paradigm: the harmful effects of meat/dairy on the planet, health and animals. 

• A new paradigm:  the benefits of a plant-based diet for the environment, health, longevity, and animal welfare.

• The truth about dairy. Milk does not do a body good. 

• The protein myth: But where do you get your protein?  

• The rise in vegan athletes.

• What about fish? A glimpse into over-fishing as well as heavy metal and plastic contamination in seafood. 

• What plant foods you can eat daily for under $10/day that will radically improve your health.  

• The spiritual benefits of living a plant-based lifestyle and how we can positively change the world. 

Breakout Workshops:

Workshop 1:  Milk doesn’t do a body good. Debunking dairy. 

Workshop 2:  Plant-based on a budget. How going meatless saves money.  

Workshop 3:  Plant strong.  The rise in meat-free athletes and the protein myth.   

Workshop 4:  Understanding the vegan lifestyle - beyond food. A look at food, clothing, cosmetics, experiments, and entertainment (elephant rides, dolphin petting, zoos, etc.).  

Workshop 5:  The spiritual benefits of the vegan lifestyle. 

Workshop 6:   Reducing plastics: Simple ways to ditch single use plastic and protect the planet.  



Living a life of purpose is a gateway towards the greatest fulfillment that we can attain.  Living a life of purpose enriches our daily existence, our quality of life and expands us into being leaders for good in the world.  Each of us has a mission on the planet.  Our job is to discover what that is and to fulfill our purpose in this life.  This interactive program integrates wellness and leadership and is a call to action to make a positive difference in the world. 

We will look at many of the ways life causes us to play small, compromise our self-worth and diminish our vibrant, authentic selves.  These can include: our internal voices of "not being good or worthy enough"— voices we may have acquired from parents or teachers; the distractions of social media; the pressures of fitting in; and the possible overwhelm by current affairs.  

We will quiet our minds and bodies and get in touch with the greatness and magic of our true, inner most being.  We will develop a foundation of wellness, self-care and healthy relationships — essential fundamentals for stepping into leadership and living your purpose in the world. We will explore and discover why we are here and what our unique contribution is.

Discovering our life purpose is one of the greatest gifts we can attain.  Our life purpose serves as our steady and reliable North Star throughout our life.  Living our purpose helps propel us through life’s changes, breakdowns, break-ups, uncertainties, adversities and triumphs with greater clarity, direction and joy. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Connect with the greatness and magic of your authentic, inner most being.
  • Cultivate self-care, self-worth, and self-confidence.
  • Cultivate healthy boundaries and relationships. 
  • Discover and/or create your true life’s purpose – what your greatest gift and contribution is to the world.
  • Learn how your life’s purpose serves as your steady North Star – through adversity, changes, and victories in life.
  • Become a vibrant, clear, and effective leader for good in the world.





For bookings + availability contact:  Bass-Schuler Entertainment • info@bass-schuler.com •  773-481-2600

 Leading a talk + panel discussion on SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE with KIP ANDERSON, director of the groundbreaking documentaries "What the Health" and "Cowspiracy."

Leading a talk + panel discussion on SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE with KIP ANDERSON, director of the groundbreaking documentaries "What the Health" and "Cowspiracy."