"The more the world gets to experience Goli the better the world will be." — Actor Gerard Butler.  Malibu, CA

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Goli draws on 20+ years of teaching experience using techniques from various yoga disciplines (Vinyasa, Iyengar + Kundalini yoga.)  She tailors each session to meet your goals and generates the highest experience of well-being.

  • INTEGRATED:   Goli's system of Yoga + Relaxation Therapy is holistic.  It balances Mind, Body, Emotions, Subtle Body, Spirit + Nervous System. Within this system, you will learn:  precise alignment in a strength-building Yoga sequence; refined breathing techniques; mindfulness + relaxation techniques; plant-based foods that improve mental health; guided imagery; progressive guided relaxation + meditation ~ techniques to help you experience peace within the stresses of modern life.  

  • CONNECT:   Tap into your most natural state of Being: Ease, Peace, Serenity, Clarity, Calm and Joy. 

  • HEAL:  In your purest state of well-being,  cultivate your body’s innate wisdom and natural ability to heal. 

  • TRANSFORM:  Neuroscience reveals that our our brain and nervous system has the capacity to rewire itself through repeated experience. By repeatedly experiencing ease, calm and inner peace ~ the mind-body-nervous system gently shifts into a more joyous, purpose-filled state of health + well being.


"You truly are a gifted healer Goli - so much more than I ever knew when I initially contacted you about simply "doing yoga." You have changed my life. I cannot thank you enough for the gifts you have given me and those which you have taught me to give myself.   Thank you so much for being a guiding light and such a wise and articulate teacher." — Brigham

"When we met, I was in an acute state of anxiety and panic attacks and suffered from depression because of it. Medication was a disaster and ultimately hurt my life rather than helped me. I had never tried yoga therapy but was willing to try anything. In our first few sessions, I started to feel a shift in my mood. I started to believe that your system might help. To make a long story short, it worked a miracle!  After 20 years of struggle, I now live panic attack-free! I believe that your yoga therapy has been THE ONLY thing that has truly ever worked and has continued to work long term. You have taught me tools to use and fall back on when I need them. It is more than possible to achieve a life free of anxiety and panic attacks without using medication. My life is incredible now, and it has a lot to do with our work together. I am so blessed to have met you!" — Katrina

"The breathing and yoga you touch me has helped me soothe my obsessive thoughts and eating disorder and find a place of peace, calm and serenity that has been missing my whole life." — Shannon

"I used to hate my body and even the sound of my breathing.  The techniques you have taught me have changed my life.  You  have a beautiful, kind spirit and simply radiate with compassion and healing energy. With all your encouragement and unique approach to yoga, I have learned to be kind to myself and to my body.”  — Caroline

 "In a few short weeks, I have made a connection between my mind and my body and that has altered the way I deal with my emotions, both good and bad.  Dealing with depression will be a life-long process for me, but practicing yoga with you has changed my perspective on how I want to deal with it. Yoga has become the cornerstone of my recovery process and something that I am able to incorporate into all aspects of my life.  Working with you has solidified my belief that I have the power to heal myself from within and led me on the path to self acceptance."  — Adam 

"Goli - you are strong, wise, funny, therapeutic, nurturing and powerful.   Your instruction holds space with compassion and integrity and has helped me find the heart and soul in my body." —Chris