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GOING VEGAN : The Single Most Powerful Way Individuals Could Save the Planet

photo:  @thesashadiaries

photo:  @thesashadiaries

As conscious as some of us are becoming, humans continue to generate all the pollution and cause all the damage on the precious planet.  From deforestation for Palm Oil and development, overfishing, climate change,  industrial chemical waste, ocean pollution, air pollution to our growing trash filling and closinglandfills around the world....we must start to make collaborative efforts to tread more lightly on our home.  People often ask me: what can we do as Individuals to help the planet?  There are many daily things we can do to reduce waste and energy use. 

But the single most powerful thing we can do daily is to adopt a plant-based diet.

Ethics and not wanting to hurt animals is my #1 motivator for this lifestyle. From an environmental perspective, however, each person can REDUCE their impact on the Earth in a significant way by going Veg. 

Just ONE PERSON can annually REDUCE :

400,000 gallons of water 💦
15,000 lbs of grain (fed to livestock instead of hungry people) 🐷
7,000 lbs of CO2 Emissions
11,000 sq ft of Forest from being clearcut for cattle - destroying the habitat to millions of animals 🌳🌳🌳
365 Animals from being consumed (not counting fish.) . 🔪🐮🐔🐥🐷

The days of eating salad as a Vegetarian are over.  There internet is overflowing with an influx of resources (instagram, pintrest, google) and recipe E-books with everything from the most bad-ass veggies burgers, the most delicious breakfast, lunch and dinners, acai bowls, and gorgeous nutrition-filled smoothies and raw meals. 

You can do it gradually, (or watch movies such a Earthings, Unity, Cowspiracy, and What the Health) and do it overnight. I am happy to help guide as well.