A Harmonious New World.

One day we will see other living beings in the same way we see ourselves.

We will recognize that they too care for their families - just like we do.

They too feel loved, happy and safe as they feel fear, pain and suffering - just like we do.

One day, we will no longer tag their ears with numbers reducing them to "property" or a mere "commodity."

We will not push them into crowded, dark places to grow isolated from their Mothers.

We will not allow the Mothers to grieve repeatedly for stolen children. 

One day, we will not steal their milk, their flesh or their skin. 

We will not pull them from ocean waters, grasslands or the forest and hold them captive for life...while we are entertained for 10 minutes. 

We will see them as the beautiful, gentle beings that they are - just as we are.

And we will love them. 

Let us be Peaceful. Let us be Protectors. Let us be Heroes.