20 YEARS EXPERIENCE designing environmental programs



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As a Los Angeles-based Environmental Sustainability Consultant and Speaker, Goli has helped companies achieve the highest standards in Environmental Stewardship since 1994.   Since she graduated from UCLA's Institute of Sustainability + the Environment, Goli has designed and implemented innovative Environmental Programs and Public Education Campaigns for:  Hotels (including the iconic Hotel Bel Air,) Corporations, Manufacturing Plants, an array of Government Agencies (including the City of Santa Monica) and Environmental Organizations, including the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP.)

She is available to speak, write and consult about Sustainability and the Environment, upon request.


Bringing 20-years of experience in Environmental Consulting, Wellness and Sustainability, Goli is honored to speak about Environmental Sustainability and how to lead an Environmentally Sustainable and Healthy Lifestyle to Universities, Corporations and other events.


The most powerful and wide-spread impacts in generating environmental stewardship are environmental public policy and implementing City-wide environmental programs. Goli has been on the forefront of designing innovative environmental programs for over 20 years.  Her most acclaimed program was the co-design and implementation of the City of Santa Monica's Business Greening Program called "Sustainable Works." More than 15 years later, the program (which addresses waste, water, energy, chemicals, transportation and education) still runs and has been implemented in hundreds of business throughout Santa Monica and has been adopted by the Culver City.  Dean Kubani, Director of the City of Santa Monica's Office of Sustainability and the Environment, calls her program "the most successful business program to date."  Goli is skilled in designing a range of Environmental Sustainability and Public Education campaigns to meet a City's goals. 


Every business has a social responsibility to consider its environmental impact, and take reasonable steps to mitigate it wherever possible. As part of the wider travel industry, hoteliers need to be even more sensitive to their wider impact in this area, and ensure that they take the lead in reducing their environmental impact.  Goli's expertise is to lead luxury hotels world-wide through the process of Greening their Operations and becoming certified and recognized as a "Green Hotel."

Some GM's may shy away from focusing on this area, with the misconception that it will be expensive, or that it is not of core importance to their business. But in fact, the majority of environmental initiatives (in the areas of Waste Reduction; Waste and Food Waste Recycling; Energy Reduction, Water Savings, Chemical use reduction, etc)  actually generate wide-spread cost-savings in annual purchasing and operations costs.  And draw in more business for the more saavy (or chemicially-sensitive) clients looking to vacation in Green Hotels.  A win-win-win for the bottom line, the environment and the guests.


A holistic program that addresses WASTE, WATER, ENERGY USE, PURCHASING, CHEMICALS, TRANSPORTATION and EDUCATION which reduces operational costs and increases the bottom line.  Positive PR for green businesses sky rockets as more clients are drawn to socially responsible and environmentally sustainable businesses.


  • INCREASE EFFICIENCY: By addressing Waste/Food Waste, Water, Energy, Chemicals, Purchasing + Transportation (where applicable) -- Goli works with Companies to help increase operational efficiency.

  • SAVE MONEY: By increasing operational efficiency (ie. reducing waste, water, energy, purchasing of supplies,) Companies reduce operational costs + save money.

  • INCREASE HEALTH + WELLNESS: By reducing toxic cleaning/industrial chemicals used on-site, companies achieve less exposure to harmful chemicals and increase employee/guest health + wellness.

  • PROTECT THE PLANET: This in turn, helps protect marine life, the soil + the planet.

  • INCREASE POSITIVE PR: The long list of positive accomplishments upon completion of a project helps companies gain prestige, recognition, positive PR + marketing.


If businesses do not wish to commit to an entire HOLISTIC GREENING program, they can opt for a simple GREEN PURCHASING + CLEANING CHEMICAL replacement segment.  Helping a company switch over to a preferred NON-TOXIC brand is one of the most potent (and easy) changes to make with powerful results to improve human health/wellness and prevent thousands of gallons of chemical waste to be disposed of in our waterways. This is especially ideal for hotels, universities, schools, and hospitals. 


Goli is honored to give talks in corporate settings or workshops and write/design many environmental education campaigns for municipalities, companies around waste reduction, reuse, recycling, ocean pollution, closed-looped systems and more.  Upon completing environmental program implementation, she works with a company's staff to educate them about the green initiatives a company takes on.  Furthermore, work with a company's PR team to generate all the green messaging and accomplishments gained to communicate this effectively with their clients and with the respective City.


Green your products, next conference, concert or festival!  Learn how to minimize waste and use more eco-friendly products that have less impact on the environment.


  • HOTEL BEL AIR: Goli worked as the lead Sustainability Consultant to the iconic Hotel Bel Air - recently named the Best Hotel in Los Angeles by Travel & Leisure. Working with the Director of Operations, Goli implemented initiatives that reduced energy, water use, food waste and chemical use and set the standard for the green lodging industry.

  • THE CITY OF SANTA MONICA. Goli co-designed and implemented what the City of Santa Monica office of Sustainability and the Environment calls “the most successful City-wide business program to date.” The "Sustainable Works Business Greening Program" addressed: waste reduction, recycling, water, energy use, reducing cleaning chemicals use City-wide. While working with the City, she served as the Co-Chair of Santa Monica’s Chamber of Commerce Environmental Affairs Committee.

  • THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA. She implemented Electronic Waste recycling programs for Cities such as the City of Palm Springs, the City of Santa Barbara and others throughout the State of California – helping to reduce thousands of tons of E-waste from being illegally dumped in landfills.

  • FOUR SEASONS HOTEL. In partnership with GLOBAL GREEN USA, Goli helped lead components of an integrated Greening and Wellness Program for the FOUR SEASONS HOTEL, DOHENY DRIVE in Beverly Hills. She succeeded in reducing the number of chemicals used on-site from 530 "conventional products" down to 12 "non-toxic" products.

  • UNITED NATIONS ENVIRONMENT PROGRAMME (UNEP). Goli spearheaded a project with the UNITED NATIONS ENVIRONMENT PROGRAMME (UNEP) and the Earth Communications Office (ECO) and to translate ECO’s award-winning environmental public service announcements (PSA’s) into the six UN languages and distribute them globally. The project resulted in educating and inspiring over 1 billion people worldwide to take environmental actions.

  • She worked with the Hollywood industry and the EARTH COMMUNICATIONS OFFICE to produce the media awareness campaign for the International Year of the Coral Reef and for America’s first radio PSA’s focusing on health and the environment.

  • Goli implemented a waste reduction and recycling program for PLAYA VISTA's Corporate Offices and wrote the "Green Building Guidelines" for the huge development project in Los Angeles.

  • As an Environmental Educator, Goli helped develop and launch a cutting-edge environmental outreach and education program that educated 622,000 secondary students throughout LA County. In partnership with TREEPEOPLE, the LA COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS program called, "Generation Earth," addressed recycling, waste reduction, composting, storm water pollution, and household hazardous waste.

  • Goli "greened" the Manufacturing plant for BP SOLAR in Fairfield CA. And the Manufacturing plant for EARTHSHELL CORPORATION in Santa Barbara. Earthshell Corp manufactures a compostable alternative to plastic cups made of corn starch and other ingredients. They were generating a 40-gallon Roll-Off Container of excess material each day from their manufacturing process. Goli helped find a Farm that agreed to pick-up and use the waste as compost. And this alone reduced Earthshell's waste generation by 90% (and thus reduced the exorbitant waste hauling fees.) That's what I'm talking about!! A win for Earthshell. A win for the Farmer. A win for the Planet. A win for the Bottom-Line.

  • Goli "greened" the LIGHT GROUP’S Bars and Restaurants in Las Vegas, Nevada, including: Light Nightclub, Jet Nightclub, Mist Lounge, Fix Restaurant, Caramel Lounge + Stack Restaurant.

  • After seeing thousands of plastic bottles left behind on the grass, Goli worked with the CITY OF PALM SPRINGS and implemented the 1st ever much needed Recycling Program for the COACHELLA MUSIC FESTIVAL.